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My name is Marcela Sanabria. I like to create work that will change perspective, and inspire other people to take action.


What my coworkers say about me: 

"Marcela has blown me away with her talent, passion and work ethic. She is a creative super star; part art director, designer, illustrator, photographer, video editor, all wrapped up in one of the best attitudes I've seen in the creative industry."

"You would be hard pressed to find a young, creative talent with as strong of a work ethic, desire to do her best, to go above and beyond, collaborate, and display extreme resourcefulness and agility."

"Not only are her graphic design skills excellent, but her ability to conceptualize, write copy, and produce videos proved to be valuable, too."

"A fascinating woman who is not afraid to take risks."

"Graphic designer, photographer, video maker, kick yo ass, do it your way and takes names, while drinking Guinness!" 

"Foosball reigning champion and foosing queen of the office."


What can I offer, what am I looking for....?

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Let's put my

creativity to work!

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