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Campbell's wanted to partner with Walgreens to target mothers during cold season with a cool promotion.


Do I have a cold? Or am I dying? Your brain on a cold usually turns to questions about your final moments on Earth...just take a Chill Pill. We’ll provide you with everything you need with this two part, customizable Campbell’s soup + cold first aid. Please chill, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be alright.



How it works


Select a top piece that is filled with Walgreen’s cold and flu season needs, and then select a bottom piece of your favorite Campbell’s soup.

Grab what you need, and go.



In Store Display

This end cap display instructs how the two part customizable Chill Pill works. Only available at Walgreen’s stores.


In-store placement

Chill Pills can also be found on Walgreen's pharmacy counters, where moms are already picking up prescriptions and getting flu shots.


If you would like to see more work, feel free to contact me.

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