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Moms on a mission have a very hectic life especially since everything revolves around the kids. They might work and parent at the same time, and shopping for clothes is a task. They dread taking the kids shopping, and know what an adventure that is.

The solution: The GapBox


The Gapbox makes it easier for moms to look good. 

Art Directors:

Marcela Sanabria Nieto

Nicole Lis

Case Study
Print advertising
It's About You :30 sec TV Spot
Radio Spots

Print ads, tv, and radio spots introduce the GapBox to busy mothers, encouraging them to visit to order.

The Affair - The GapBox
Mommy Pain - The GapBox

On moms can see how the process works, and set up their account. The models wearing the clothing are everyday mothers. Moms can choose to purchase full outfits for any occasion or select individual pieces, to receive right to their door.

The GapBox Mobile App
Social Media

 Moms have the opportunity to post looks on the Gap Box Facebook page to show off their new and improved style, inspiring moms everywhere to get their box.

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