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I was a part of sponsored project by the Henry Ford Health System. They challenged us to design a patient experience for the new Henry Ford Cancer Center in Detroit, expected to open in 2018. Our goal was to create a digital experience that uniquely and unobtrusively welcomes the patient to the Henry Ford Cancer Center and engages all constituents in the health, treatment, education, well-being, and recovery of the patient.​ Using a combination of innovative technology and personal attention, we were able to create a brand new patient experience that is completely customizable and attentive to each patient and their needs. 

Apollo- Case Study Video
The Wearable

For most of the project my role was to come up with a concept and design for a piece of wearable technology that would enhance the patient experience, without the wearable interfering  with the patient's life or comfort. The wearable is a money clip-like device that can be worn as a watch clip, lapel pen, pendant, bracelet- almost any way a patient wants, without compromising their comfort and making it easy to remember to take with them to appointments. The device sends information to the hospital throughout their time within the building during each appointment, allowing

for personalization of the experience.

Apollo and The Wearable
Project Overview Video

If you would like to see more work, feel free to contact me.

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